#207: Jesse Itzler, NYT Bestselling Author of ‘Living with a Seal’ and Serial Entrepreneur

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Today, I’m joined by Jesse Itzler, serial entrepreneur, NYT bestselling author, and co-owner of the Atlanta Hawks.

Jesse’s success crosses industries, with past exits including Zico Coconut Water, Alphabet City Sports Records, and Marquis Jet.

Now, he’s leveraging his love of endurance sports to scale his two latest ventures, apparel line All Day Running Co. and event company 29029 — both highlighting physical challenge as a force for transformation.

In this episode, Jesse discusses prioritizing health, forging community, and sharing his experiences with others. Plus, we discuss how his own values have evolved over time.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • Jesse’s reflections on founding, running, and selling five companies
  • How a lifelong focus on health and wellness has kept him energized
  • What motivated him to start his running and endurance event businesses

Jesse’s Website
Jesse’s IG
All Day Run Co Website
Running Man Festival
29029 Website

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(00:00) Introduction
(01:15) Jesse’s background as a serial entrepreneur
(02:35) Being an entrepreneur and maintaining a healthy lifestyle
(04:16) Achieving success without sacrificing health
(08:22) Modern accessibility to health and wellness information
(09:33) Identify what healthy habits work for you
(11:40) Jesse’s diverse set of experiences
(17:23) Your unique experience is your expertise
(19:16) Maintaining motivation after achieving success
(20:54) Jesse’s mission to build community and outdoor events
(26:52) Community building
(30:24) Jesse’s hiring approach as his life progresses
(34:09) Future road map
(36:43) Conclusion

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