#208: Jeffrey Kaditz, Founder & CEO of Q Bio

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Today, I’m joined by Jeffrey Kaditz, founder & CEO of Q Bio, a company democratizing personalized preventative health with streamlined whole-body MRIs and digital twin technology.

An engineer and serial entrepreneur, Jeffrey’s tackled everything from fintech to mobile gaming. Now, he’s revolutionizing healthcare at Q Bio, building a platform that promises to help doctors detect disease and diagnose root causes early.

In this episode, we discuss the company’s clinical digital twin technology. Plus, Jeffrey shares his vision for making the Star Trek Medbay a reality and talks us through an automated physical exam of the future.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • Why Q Bio is more than an elective whole-body MRI company
  • What Jeffrey sees as the biggest bottleneck in preventative healthcare
  • How the company’s machine learning technology predicts health over time

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(00:00) Introduction
(01:09) Q Bio and its mission
(03:53) Gathering and measuring human body data in a cost efficient manner
(06:24) The possibility of fully automated physical exams in the near future
(08:01) Challenges with interpreting and utilizing large amounts of health data
(09:34) Developing a software platform to integrate health information
(11:23) MRI scans are not currently financially feasible for the average person
(13:54) Building a solution to replace MRI’s
(15:42) The challenges of current whole body MRI technology
(18:00) What the Q scan looks like today, and what it will look like in the future
(19:44) Biochemical analysis is the bottleneck of cost and quick results
(22:58) Q Bio’s business model
(24:43) Quantifying change in the human body
(26:16) D2C or partner with healthcare facilities/companies?
(28:57) Creating a solution that is more scalable and affordable than MRI’s
(30:02) Estimated cost of a Gemini scan today
(30:51) Estimated timeline for when Q Bio will be accessible to everyone
(32:50) Future vision and current science bottlenecks of the Gemini scan
(34:07) Is automated personalized preventive health a possibility?
(37:03) Other problems that if solved would dramatically improve healthcare
(37:49) What’s on the horizon for Q Bio and where to follow along
(38:48) Conclusion

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