#210: Cameron Falloon, Founder of Body Fit Training

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Today, I’m joined by Cameron Falloon, founder and co-CEO of Body Fit Training, an Australian fitness franchise scaling progressive, strength-based group training.

After training pro athletes for 30 years, Cameron wanted to recreate structured conditioning for weekend warriors. He launched Body Fit Training in 2017 — packaging resistance, cardio, and functional movement in guided 8-10 week programs. Since then, the company has added over 450 locations, 60K members, and partnerships with Xponential Fitness and Hyrox.

In this episode, we discuss the company’s progressive, results-driven approach to group fitness. Plus, we cover Xponential Fitness’s acquisition of BFT and Cam’s goals for international growth.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • Why traditional studio business models hinder consistency
  • How Cameron sees AI impacting group fitness and personal training
  • What BFT’s deal with Xponential Fitness means for the company’s future

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(00:00) Introduction
(01:25) Philosophy behind Body Fit Training
(05:30) Programming challenges in group fitness
(09:07) The challenges of starting a franchise business
(09:53) The origin of functional fitness in Australia
(11:52) Shifting focus to best practices in the fitness industry
(17:45) The key factors in a franchise business
(18:50) Implementing high performance philosophy in group fitness
(20:16) Consistency as a challenge and opportunity in fitness industry
(26:14) The motivation behind starting Body Fit Training
(28:15) The acquisition partnership with Xponential Fitness
(33:59) Future growth and partnerships
(37:24) Using technology and AI to enhance the member experience
(39:55) The future role of human coaches in the fitness industry
(42:28) Conclusion

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