#215: Garrett Marshall, President of Xponential+

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Today, I’m joined by Garrett Marshall, president of digital fitness platform Xponential+.

Part of Xponential Fitness, Xponential+ hosts streaming classes from the company’s portfolio of boutique studio brands — including Rumble Boxing, Club Pilates, and Row House.

Reimagining at-home fitness, Xponential+ is also partnering with Meta to make VR workouts mainstream.

In this episode, we discuss the challenge of repackaging physical classes in digital form. Plus, we talk VR technology, navigating industry hype cycles, and why in-person workouts remain the gold standard.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • What to expect from the company’s Meta partnership
  • How Xponential+ supports the Xponential Fitness universe
  • Why personalization beats quantity when it comes to content

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(00:00) Introduction
(01:19) Background on Garrett and Xponential+
(08:23) Challenges and tradeoffs of the digital platform with their physical studio franchises
(11:19) The role of in-person and digital fitness during and post COVID
(14:36) Leveraging Xponential’s brands and recreating the studio experience in the digital platform
(18:02) The evolving landscape of digital fitness and the shift in competitive factors
(22:34) The role of personalization in digital fitness
(24:59) Challenges in getting people to work out at home and use the platform consistently
(30:33) Partnership with Meta and the Future of VR Fitness
(33:27) The role of AR and VR in the fitness industry
(38:26) The potential of VR and AR technology in the mainstream
(45:05) Will AR/VR replace in person fitness classes?
(48:47) Conclusion

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