#220: Rachel Drori, Founder of Daily Harvest

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Today, I’m joined by Rachel Drori, founder of Daily Harvest, a plant-based frozen meal delivery service.

Valued at over $1B in 2022, Daily Harvest is reimagining frozen food. Partnering with Kroger, the company recently expanded into retail — launching its pre-prepped smoothie, soup, and healthy bowl kits to the masses.

In this episode, Rachel discusses preparing to step down as CEO. Plus, we talk entering grocery stores, weathering a recall, and trying to transform a broken food system.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • About Rachel’s 10-year journey as founder
  • Daily Harvest’s long-term mission and future plans
  • The pros and cons of starting D2C before going brick-and-mortar

(00:00) Introduction
(01:32) Rachel’s background and Daily Harvest overview
(05:44) Challenges in the food industry
(11:03) Sustainability and making an impact
(14:52) Food as medicine
(18:26) Building a mission-driven business
(22:41) Impact and future of the CPG industry
(23:49) The importance of food system education
(26:05) Expanding into the frozen food aisle
(29:36) Challenges and opportunities in brick-and-mortar expansion
(33:45) Handling a product recall and lessons learned
(38:36) Mission-driven decision-making and values
(39:31) Transitioning out of the CEO role
(42:33) Future roadmap and company outlook
(43:24) Conclusion

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