#222: Jeff Zwiefel, Executive Director of Life Time MIORA

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Today, I’m joined by Jeff Zwiefel, executive director of Life Time MIORA.

Former president and COO of Life Time, Jeff now heads the brand’s spinoff concept MIORA. Targeting the medical wellness market, MIORA longevity clinics pair personalized training and nutrition programs with medical and aesthetic treatments to help members reach their goals.

In this episode, we discuss Life Time’s evolution from gym chain to athletic country club and its plans to prescribe GLP-1s.

We also cover:

  • How Life Time’s events business works to complement its gyms
  • The company’s plans for expanding its longevity clinics
  • Where MIORA fits in Life Time’s overall strategy

(00:00) Introduction
(00:44) Background on Jeff and Life Time
(05:22) Life Time’s value proposition
(07:38) Life Time’s in-person events
(10:46) Challenges with diversified offerings
(14:37) MIORA longevity clinics
(19:10) Integrated health services into gyms
(21:12) Implementing longevity services properly and effectively
(26:55) How Life Time is implementing GLP-1s
(28:04) Prescribing medication with a multidisciplinary approach
(29:43) Push into longevity services and healthcare
(31:28) Bringing longevity programs to the masses
(37:13) Keeping a complex business as simple as possible
(39:29) Conclusion

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