#223: Nick West, Co-founder & CEO of Bandit

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Today, I’m joined by Nick West, co-founder & CEO of Bandit.

Born in NYC, Bandit is an apparel brand founded for runners, by runners. The company’s community vibes and state-of-the-art gear catapulted it to cultish success — but its physical products are just the beginning.

In this episode, we discuss Bandit’s mission to evolve the sport of running. Plus, Nick shares the secrets to building a loyal following.

We also cover:

  • What Nick and his co-founder brother learned from working in ecommerce
  • How Bandit leveraged pop-ups, run clubs, and content to build community
  • Bandit’s vision for building a timeless brand with global reach

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(00:00) Introduction
(00:40) Nick’s background
(01:54) Founding Bandit Running
(07:08) Building a brand and community
(12:30) Executing a community-first strategy
(15:33) Expanding the community and global reach
(20:10) Differentiating in a crowded market
(24:39) Fundraising and creating a vision
(28:53) Building a timeless brand
(32:37) Product offerings and plans for the brand
(36:52) Future roadmap
(39:26) Conclusion

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