#225: Phil Levin, Founder & CEO of LiveNearFriends

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Today, I’m joined by Phil Levin, Founder & CEO of LiveNearFriends.

After starting a coliving compound in Oakland, Phil saw the impact of community on well-being firsthand. Encouraging others to follow suit, he launched LiveNearFriends, a social real estate platform helping loved ones find homes near each other.

In this episode, we discuss designing neighborhoods for social wellness. Plus, we talk communes, country clubs, Blue Zones, and more.

We also cover:

  • How living within walking distance of your favorite activities impacts wellness
  • Phil’s insights from living at the Radish coliving community in Oakland
  • Transforming real estate to encourage community

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(00:00) Introduction
(01:09) Phil’s background
(05:31) Creating intentional communities
(07:14) The importance of community for well-being
(09:49) Making intentional living practical
(11:28) Live Near Friends platform
(14:43) Live Near Friends business model
(18:43) Economic case for intentional living
(19:57) Real Estate Agent priorities
(21:00) Wellness Real Estate and communes
(24:16) Neighborhood communities vs. transients
(26:40) Education component
(28:33) Short term roadmap for Live Near Friends
(29:34) Long term impact aspirations
(33:06) Conclusion

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