#234: Eric Litman, Founder & CEO of Aescape

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Today, I’m joined by Eric Litman, Founder and CEO of Aescape.

Underwhelmed by traditional bodywork, Eric created Aescape. Using AI robotics, the company provides a precise, consistent, fully automated massage experience.

In this episode, we discuss Aescape’s seven-year journey to launch.

We also cover:

  • Partnering with Equinox
  • The future of human-robot interactions
  • Creating an on-demand massage marketplace

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(00:00) Introduction
(01:22) Why AI robotics and massages?
(03:21) Challenges in developing Aescape
(08:10) How the robotic massages work
(12:26) Designing the robotic arms
(17:05) Safety and user comfort
(19:25) Business model
(22:15) Rollout and partnerships
(25:27) Future of human-robot interactions
(27:11) Roadmap
(28:34) Conclusion

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