#238: Rebecca Egger, Co-founder & CEO of Little Otter

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Today, I’m joined by Rebecca Egger, co-founder & CEO of Little Otter.

Filling a gap in mental healthcare, Little Otter caters specifically to the needs of young children. Co-founded by Rebecca and her mother, a child psychiatrist, the company takes a whole-family approach to kids’ therapy.

In this episode, we discuss Little Otter’s pediatric mental health platform.

We also cover:

  • Scaling direct-to-consumer and B2B channels
  • Headwinds facing digital health companies
  • Destigmatizing mental health

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(00:00) Introduction
(01:36) Founding Little Otter
(05:21) Initial development of Little Otter’s product and service
(08:13) Delivering care and building a community for providers
(10:33) Engaging with clinicians and navigating the labor aspect
(12:34) D2C approach and transitioning to pediatrician referrals
(15:23) Balancing DTC and insurance partnerships
(18:36) Quantifying outcomes
(20:40) Evidence-based treatment program
(23:15) Challenges in digital health
(27:40) Leveraging data and support systems
(29:44) Impact of technology on mental health
(32:06) Destigmatizing mental health
(34:25) Challenges in pediatric mental health
(35:42) Conclusion

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