#239: Brad Olson, CEO of Sollis Health

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Today, I’m joined by Brad Olson, CEO of Sollis Health.

A members-only medical concierge, Sollis Health merges the best of hospitality and medicine. Open 24/7, it offers high-quality healthcare without wait times.

In this episode, we discuss the company’s concierge urgent care experience.

We also cover:

  • Current membership numbers and expansion plans
  • Partnering with Prenuvo for preventative whole-body scans
  • Applying experience from Starwood Hotels & Peloton to healthcare

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(00:00) Introduction
(01:27) Overview of Sollis Health
(05:21) Applying hospitality to healthcare
(10:08) Services and membership coverage
(13:26) Opportunity and expansion in the healthcare landscape
(17:06) Accessibility and affordability of memberships
(19:27) Current membership numbers and expansion plans
(21:36) Potential pursuit of preventative care and longevity services
(22:43) Partnership with Prenuvo
(24:00) Potential fitness industry partnerships
(25:51) The patient experience
(30:27) Measuring success and patient outcomes
(32:17) Future roadmap
(34:18) Conclusion

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