#27: Abby Coleman, CEO of Territory Foods

This week, Joe Vennare talks with Abigail Coleman, CEO of Territory Foods — a healthy meal delivery service offering personalized meals prepared by local chefs.

The conversation covers Abby’s experience at Amazon, how Territory Foods uses data to improve its platform and personalize meals, and how Abby thinks about scaling the company going forward.

For context, in recent weeks Territory has seen a huge surge in demand stemming from stay home orders. When cases of coronavirus first emerged in California, Territory Foods saw 120% growth overnight. The same increase occurred in Washington, DC and New York City when the cities declared a state of emergency.

About Abby Coleman:

Abby is the CEO of Territory Foods, a chef-prepared pre-made meal delivery service that creates nutritionist-approved menus tailored to support various dietary preferences and regional market tastes. Territory Foods uses data science to identify emerging eating patterns and anticipate the food needs of its customers, optimizing retention and driving personal variety at scale.

Prior to Territory Foods, Abby was the CEO of a Type II Diabetes meal plan and behavior change start-up. Previously, she spent three years at Amazon, most recently as Vice President of Marketing and Strategy at Quidsi, a $600M specialty retail subsidiary.

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