#31: Gilad Jacobs, Founder of NormaTec Recovery & Chief Innovation Officer at Hyperice

In today’s episode, Joe Vennare talks with Gilad Jacobs, the founder of NormaTec Recovery— a leader in recovery and compression technology. NormaTec was recently acquired by Hyperice where Gilad will serve as the Chief Innovation Officer.

The two talked about how NormaTec got started, how the Hyperice partnership came together, and the role data and personalization will play in the future of performance.

About Gilad Jacobs:

Gilad Jacobs is the founder of NormaTec Recovery and current Chief Innovation Officer at Hyperice, a global leader in fitness and sports technology. Through close work with professional athletes in the NBA, NFL, Olympic, and IRONMAN triathlon community, he pioneered the development of a compression patented science that helps athletes recover faster. Jacobs is an entrepreneur in the field of athlete recovery, whose work has led to a revolution in athlete training and recovery protocols.

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