#34: Marc Zionts, Executive Chairman of Precision Nutrition

Today, Joe Vennare is joined by Marc Zionts, the Executive Chairman of Precision Nutrition — a leader in nutrition coaching and education.

In today’s episode, the two talk about the company’s focus on behavior change, the decision to develop software tools to help nutrition and health coaches automate their business, and the importance of deep health to overall well-being.

About Mark Zionts:

Marc Zionts, an executive, athlete, and environmentalist and has been successfully leading companies since 1987. Zionts is currently the Executive Chairman and Board Member of Precision Nutrition, a BV Investment Partners portfolio company.

Zionts earned his Bachelor’s degree and Master’s degree in Management from the Georgia Institute of Technology. Zionts is also an Independent Board Director for TEOCO and Friends of the Earth, a Washington D.C. based environmental group.

Zionts is happily married for 30 years and has 4 nice and kind adult children. Besides enjoying spending time with his family, Zionts is an environmentalist and avid outdoorsman and an accomplished criterium, cyclocross, and velodrome bicycle racer.

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