#45: Matt Taylor, CEO of Tracksmith

Today I’m joined by Matt Taylor, CEO of Tracksmith

In this episode, we talk about what it takes to build a brand from the ground up, using storytelling to cultivate community, and Matt’s ambition to make Tracksmith a generational company.

About Matt Taylor

Matt Taylor is a runner. From high school track meets to racing cross country and steeplechase at Yale, Matt learned to relish the challenge of competition and the delayed gratification inherent in the sport. After graduating, Matt began his career in the sports industry. From his first role at IMG, Matt moved towards more running-focused positions, ultimately serving as PUMA’s Global Head of Marketing for the Running, Training and Fitness categories. He’s also the co-creator of Usain Bolt’s signature iPhone game.

Though deeply immersed in the business of running, Matt became increasingly frustrated with the industry’s slow pace, lookalike products and “everyone gets a medal” mentality that diminished the reverence for personal achievement in favor of watered-down fitness messaging. So he set out to create Tracksmith: an independent running brand built on a deep love of the sport. Launched in 2014, Tracksmith has been recognized by outlets like Runner’s World, Competitor, the Wall Street Journal, WIRED and more for “further defining what running apparel can be” and for its “anti-Nike” approach to marketing. Based out of the Trackhouse in Boston, MA, Tracksmith crafts products, stories and experiences for the amateur runner.

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