#5: Caitlin Landesberg, Founder and CEO of Sufferfest Beer Company

In today’s show, Joe Vennare spoke with Caitlin Landesberg, founder and CEO of Sufferfest Beer Company.

Formerly the Director of Marketing at Strava, Caitlin talks about the “happy accident” that is Sufferfest. An avid runner and outdoor enthusiast, Caitlin noticed that races and hikes often culminated with beer shared among friends. But, unsatisfied with the options, Sufferfest was created to be the best “finish line” beer in the world. Described as a “functional” beer for the sweaty consumer, the company grew quickly and was acquired by Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. earlier this year.

About Caitlin Landesberg: 

Driven by her desire to have the best “finish line” beer in the world, Caitlin Landesberg took matters into her own hands. In 2012 she began to develop the beer she wanted to see in the world, and as fellow runners and endurance athletes rapidly drove demand, she launched Sufferfest Beer Company in Spring 2016.

Based in San Francisco and a Certified B Corporation, Sufferfest inspires active, healthy and passionate humans with award-winning, purpose-brewed craft beer. As the company’s Founder and CEO, Caitlin brings 14 years of consumer marketing experience to the company, with prior positions including Director of Marketing at Strava—a social network for athletes. Three successful years into business, Sufferfest was fully acquired by Chico-based Sierra Nevada Brewing Company in Spring 2019.

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