#52: Randy Hetrick, Founder & CEO of TRX

Today I’m joined by Randy Hetrick — the Founder and CEO of TRX.

In today’s episode, we discuss Randy’s journey from Navy SEAL to inventing the TRX suspension trainer. The company’s “triple threat” of innovative products, professional education, and fitness content. And why Randy believes TRX represents a more accessible approach to exercise than more expensive connective fitness options.

About Randy 

Randy Hetrick is the founder and CEO of TRX Training, one of the world’s leading fitness brands. After graduating from USC, Randy attended BUD/S and began a 14-year career as a Navy SEAL. He completed multiple deployments, and his operational career culminated as a Squadron Commander of the SEAL’s elite special missions unit where he was tasked with leading the nation’s most crucial special operations missions. While on one deployment in Southeast Asia, Randy created the Suspension Trainer®–perhaps the most prolific piece of exercise equipment in history and later the first TRX product.

In addition to his role at TRX, Randy is also an investor and advisor to early-stage businesses, a speaker to organizations around the world, and a regular lecturer on leadership and entrepreneurship at his alma maters (USC & Stanford).

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