#73: Jon Carder, Co-founder & CEO of Vessel

Today I’m joined by Jon Carder.

Jon is the co-founder and CEO of Vessel — an at-home diagnostics company helping users optimize their health.

In this episode, we talk about using blood and urine tests to measure biomarkers. How Vessel sold 100K test kits as part of its pre-order campaign. Jon shares his plan to launch a connected, health-tracking toilet. And we discuss the company’s mission to put a diagnostic lab in the palm of every hand.

About Jon Carder

Jon Carder is a serial Internet entrepreneur. After starting his first company, eHeaven.com, at the age of just 19 (which led to a short-lived early retirement at 27), his determination to build and innovate drove him to launch a series of multi-million-dollar online businesses: ClientShop.com, MojoPages.com, Mogl.com, and Empyr.com. Today, Carder serves as CEO and co-founder of Vessel, an in-home wellness tracking company that instantly and accurately uncovers what your body really needs.

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