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Anthony Vennare


Anthony is a product-focused operator, United States Marine, and 3x exited founder, leading product and ecosystem development.

Joe Vennare


Joe is an accomplished fitness professional, content strategist, and founder who leads the platform’s research and media efforts.

Ali Pokorny

Head of Operations

Ali is a multifaceted leader with experience working with a wide range of health and fitness brands. She organizes and oversees our daily operations.

Courtney Powell


Creating meaningful experiences that inspire a sense of wonder, Courtney brings creative visions to life through creative direction and illustration.

Melody Song


Melody is a versatile storyteller and fitness/wellness enthusiast who specializes in connecting the dots and crafting impactful copy.

Ryan Deer


Ryan is a detail-oriented editor and writer with experience in building digital-first brands. He ensures quality and consistency of content across the platform.

Paul Mederos


Paul is a designer and entrepreneur on a mission to make great health accessible to all.

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