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Meet The Team

Fitt Insider is led by brothers Anthony and Joe Vennare. For more than a decade, they’ve worked together to build health & fitness businesses.

From cleaning equipment and training clients to managing staff and running operations, there’s not a job inside a gym they haven’t done — that includes owning the place. In their early twenties, the pair started an in-home personal training company that culminated in a 12,000 square-foot facility and hundreds of members. 

After selling the gym, the team transitioned into the digital space, selling fitness equipment and training programs. Along the way, they’ve worked with brands like Reebok, GNC, and Tough Mudder to create content and marketing campaigns. And the pair were tapped to develop educational programming, including accredited certifications, for fitness professionals. 

In 2017, the team started Fitt, a marketplace for health and fitness activities, bootstrapping their way to a seed investment. After scaling the platform to 30 cities across the US, Canada, the UK, and Australia, MINDBODY became an investor and strategic partner. 

Armed with a deep knowledge of the industry and an enduring passion for building companies in the space, the Vennares intend to make Fitt Insider the leading resource and ecosystem for like-minded operators, executives, and investors.