Apple Plans AI-Powered Health Coach

Apple wants to put a health coach in your pocket.

Coach+. According to Bloomberg, Apple is working on an AI-powered service—codenamed Quartz—to offer personalized coaching for fitness, nutrition, and sleep.

Nothing new, the company’s health and wellness efforts have ramped up in recent years.

But now, as the AI hype builds, Apple is flexing the power of its platform.

Connecting dots. More than its smartwatch, Apple Health aggregates data from other applications and devices, creating a comprehensive view of overall health.

Training AI to provide hyper-personalized coaching, the company could deliver actionable guidance beyond gamified activity rings or “Time to Stand” reminders.

Of note, like Apple’s workout membership Fitness+, the rumored health coach would be a standalone app and subscription, enhancing its ecosystem and services revenue.

“Hey, Coach+”. AI-generated workouts and meal plans have become commonplace, with countless apps and wearables designing personalized programs.

But, with Apple entering the fold, imagine simply asking Siri to audit your diet or workout plan, then getting real-time suggestions from your “coach” when progress stalls.

Plus, as the company’s health ecosystem expands, the AI coach could automatically incorporate gait analysis, blood pressure, glucose levels, and medications to proactively improve well-being.

Punchline: A work in progress, Quartz is slated to launch next year but could still be scrapped. In the meantime, concerns over privacy, bias and inequity, and risk of potential harm must be addressed as the AI-powered future of health comes into focus.

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