CityRow Raises $12M for Connected Equipment & Studios


At-home fitness is booming, but CityRow is taking an omnichannel approach.

Founded in 2014, this rowing studio launched a digital platform in 2018. Now, with $12M in Series A funding, the company is scaling up.

At-home. CityRow offers two connected rowers, as well as digital content via its app.

Studios. The company currently operates 11 locations, nine of which are franchises. Growing the studio business, CityRow has sold 64 franchises with 12 set to open in the next year.

Revenue. According to TechCrunch, CityRow’s revenue jumped 375% last year, as sales of its connected rower and digital subscription surged.

Connected Rowing Wars 

As funding flows to home fitness startups, the connected rowing wars are heating up.

  • Concept2 is widely considered to be the best rower on the market
  • Hydrow raised $65M, with sales jumping 400% during COVID, and is exploring a $1B+ IPO
  • Ergatta, a gamified rowing workout, recently added $30M in funding at a $250M valuation
  • NordicTrack, Echelon, Aviron, and a host of others offer rowing products

Looking ahead. Peloton and Zwift have been rumored to be working on rowers of their own, setting the stage for even more competition in the category.

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