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Accelerated by technology, health and fitness are undergoing far-reaching shifts. In an effort to help industry leaders stay informed and make better decisions, we’re seeking input from subject matter experts.

Is there a specific topic you’d like us to explore or a theme that deserves more attention? Let us know: 


We’re looking for operators to share actionable insights on the business of health, fitness, and wellness.

From connected fitness to personalized nutrition and mental healthcare, we take a broad view of the industry. But, prioritizing depth over hype, we tailor our coverage to leaders redefining well-being.

With that, we aim to collaborate with founders, executives, investors, and other builders who have a unique perspective or expertise.

Expanding and improving upon how-to articles, founder Q&As, and executive interviews, we’ll create content that drives the industry forward. Think, more tactical frameworks, playbooks, advice, and strategies.

How it works: You’ll work with our editorial team from idea to publication. Whether you have a specific pitch in mind or you’re still in the concepting phase, feel free to get in touch.

If we decide to move forward, we’ll provide more details. But, in general, we’ll serve as a partner throughout the process to ensure clarity, flow, and impact.

To submit a pitch and learn more, please complete this form. We’ll follow up if there’s interest.

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