Epicore Biosystems Acquires IP for Precision Sweat Patches

Epicore Biosystems, creators of the Gx Sweat Patch, acquired assets and IP from Eccrine Systems, makers of a patch measuring stress, pain, and more from human sweat.

United in Sweat

Despite raising $20M over its history, Eccrine ceased operations in 2020. Now, Epicore is reviving its IP, complementing its own sport-specific patch with Eccrine’s focus in precision medicine.

Why it matters: Fresh off a $10M Series A this February for its microfluidic (sweat-analyzing) patch that measures hydration, stress, and blood glucose, Epicore Biosystems will complement its real-time performance metrics with remote patient monitoring capabilities, including drug and alcohol program adherence.

Patched In

The market for noninvasive biowearables is ballooning as prescription wearables and the quantified self movement blend.

  • In November 2021, Biolinq secured $100M for its glucose-monitoring skin patch.
  • FLOWBIO, creators of a biowearable patch that detects electrolyte and fluid loss in real time, is launching a closed beta in 2022.
  • Researchers at OSU are developing a device worn on the ear or fingernail which can detect gases emitted from the skin, measuring blood glucose, fat-burning rate, and more.

Looking ahead: From smart rings to contact lenses to sweat patches, consumers are demanding wearables with more feedback and less friction.

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