Field Trip and Nue Life Team Up For At-Home Ketamine Treatment

Neu Life Health

Field Trip Health and Nue Life Health are coming together to launch at-home psychedelic therapy, dubbed Field Trip at Home.

The details: Offering six virtual ketamine experiences, group integration therapy, and aftercare, Field Trip at Home costs ~$1,300 and will be available in nine US states including New York, California, and Colorado. In comparison: six in-clinic sessions can add up to $5,000.

Joining forces, the partnership will allow both providers to offer the best of both worlds:

  • Field Trip, which closed $95M last year, runs several ketamine therapy clinics across the country and can now extend services to those who can’t afford or access IRL treatment.
  • Meanwhile, fresh off a $23M Series A, at-home provider Nue Life will be able to refer patients who might benefit from in-person care to Field Trip’s brick-and-mortar services.

With mental health platforms in the hot seat for pill pushing, Nue Life CEO Juan Pablo Cappello emphasized the company’s screening process:

“We recognize that this isn’t an approach that works for everyone—we actually only write prescriptions for slightly under 25% of prospective patients.”

Trip Trip Hooray

A global crisis, our collective mental health is a growing problem, as one in seven employees live with a diagnosable depression or anxiety disorder. Depression alone costs the US $225B every year in lost productivity and medical care.

A part of the psychedelics as medicine movement, ketamine is becoming a breakout solution for treatment-resistant anxiety and depression. A head start over other psychoactives like psilocybin and MDMA, it’s already federally legal and available for medical use.

  • Building the infrastructure, Osmind just raised $40M to help psychiatrists track, study, and measure the efficacy of mental health treatments, including ketamine.
  • neurocare announced its foray into ketamine-assisted therapy this May.
  • ATAI Life Sciences received FDA approval this January to study R-ketamine as a treatment against depression

Punchline: As telemedicine becomes a staple of healthcare, all sorts of treatments are getting unbundled from the hospital. Making its mark on the medical landscape, psychedelic therapy is no exception.

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