GT’s Living Foods Launches Cannabis-infused Kombucha

GT’s Living Foods

GT’s Living Foods is launching a line of cannabis-infused kombucha called “Cannabliss.”

An industry pioneer, GT’s owns nearly half of the kombucha category’s market share and is worth over $900M. Now, if you live in California, the brewer wants to get you stoned.

Booch Meets Bud

GT’s cannabis line, available at Californian dispensaries, will incorporate adaptogenic mushrooms, prebiotics, and both THC (psychoactive compound that produces a “high”) and CBD (non-psychoactive compound often used to treat anxiety and stress).

The new tonics will come in two blends, “Mild” and “Wild”, packed with differing amounts of THC and CBD.

Of note, the company is positioning the product as a vessel of wellness — not just a fun high. GT Dave, founder and CEO of GT’s Living Foods, expanded on the launch:

“As we continue to innovate with plant-based wellness, we could not overlook the power of the cannabis plant, which goes beyond recreational and aligns with our belief that food and plants are medicine.”

And Cannabliss isn’t GT’s first venture into marijuana. The company discontinued its CBD-infused kombucha earlier this year after encountering regulatory uncertainty and consumer confusion. Now, they’re feeling confident in their second act.

Stirring the Pot

Cannabis-infused kombucha marries two billion-dollar markets with increasing momentum.

A subset of functional beverages, the global kombucha market has exploded over the past few years, projected to reach $10B by 2027. Meanwhile, the “weed as wellness” movement has catalyzed mainstream marijuana adoption, driving the booming legal cannabis business.

Elsewhere, functional wellness drinks that promise a stress-relieving buzz (without the throbbing hangover) are on the rise:

  • Recess, which offers “calm, cool, collected” in a can of CBD seltzer, saw e-commerce sales 4x during the pandemic.
  • Adaptogen-infused Kin Euphorics has raised over $10M since launching and recently brought on Bella Hadid as “co-founder” and partner.
  • Plant-powered wellness drink Sunwink announced an aggressive national retail rollout in September, projecting availability in over 3,500 locations and 500% growth YoY.

Looking ahead: Cannabis kombucha is nothing new, and smaller brands like cannabis seltzer Cann have made considerable headway in the sparkling weed space. But, THC-infused drinks only represent about 1% of the total cannabis market.

With Cannabliss, GT’s entry is a landmark move from one of the most respected in the functional beverage industry, affirming marijuana’s steady march into the wellness orthodox.

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