Happy Health Raises $60M, Unveils Mood-Tracking Ring

Happy Health

Tinder founder Sean Rad is reinventing the mood ring.

Only this one deals in data, not colors.

What’s happening: Ahead of the launch of its mood-tracking wearable, Happy Health announced $60M in a Series A round led by ARCH Venture Partners.

What it is: Launched in 2019 and co-founded by Tinder founder Sean Rad, the Austin-based company has been working with neuroscientists and psychologists on its first product, the Happy Ring.

Using electrodermal (EDA) sensors, the ring measures activation of the sympathetic nervous system in real time — meaning it reads mood changes or stress via your sweat.

With adaptive AI syncing biofeedback from your emotional state, sleep quality, temperature, and heart rate, its membership-based platform ($20/mo.) recommends guided breathing exercises and CBT-backed journal prompts to mellow out.

Trend watch. Happy Health hits on two trends we’ve been tracking.

First, beyond smartwatches, next-gen health wearables aren’t just monitoring steps or heart rate, they’re decoding sleep, glucose, sweat, hydration, and more.

And second, by introducing innovative new form factors, smart ring makers aim to replace wrist-worn devices. With Oura leading the way, Movano, Circular, and now Happy Health are giving chase.

Looking ahead: Skirting the oversaturated world of mindfulness and meditation, Happy intends to partner with third parties for its app content. Instead, it’s banking on proprietary technology and quantified mental well-being to drive its hardware-as-a-service model.

BUT… as mental health, sweat-reading sensors, and the ring-based form factor all trend up in the fast-paced and highly competitive wearables sector, its “one-of-a-kind” mood tracker may not stay that way for long.

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