Inside Alo Yoga’s Activewear Empire

Alo Yoga

Alo isn’t just a brand — it’s a lifestyle.

What’s happening: Sights set on building a global wellness empire, Alo—short for air, land, and ocean—is plotting new product lines, partnerships, and in-store experiences.

  • The brand is doubling its brick-and-mortar stores and growing its international presence after sales skyrocketed from $200M in 2020 to over $1B in 2022.
  • Ecommerce sales and subscriptions to the Alo Moves fitness platform account for roughly 90% of annual revenue.
  • It successfully launched men’s gear in 2015, the Alo Glow skincare system in 2020, and its first footwear in May, with further product extensions in the works.

The “It” factor. Alo has arguably surpassed lululemon as the studio-to-streetwear brand of the moment, blending mindfulness and materialism skillfully enough to partner with New York Fashion Week and outfit A-list influencers.

And the brand is winning over Gen Z with its early adoption of web3.

  • In 2022, it started accepting cryptocurrencies as payment on its website.
  • Also last year, it launched a virtual wellness studio on Roblox, called Sanctuary, which has had 55M visitors.
  • Alo debuted a VR shopping and wellness tutorial app for Meta Quest 2 headsets and NFTs for its luxury ski line, the Aspen Collection.

According to Alo Yoga CEO Danny Harris, embracing innovation puts the company in a different category than other activewear retailers.

“I really see Alo being more like Tesla, and the other guys being Ford and Chrysler and General Motors.”

Beyond clothing. A command of experiential marketing has earned Alo a cult-like following and reflects an industry-wide trend toward promoting lifestyles as much as products.

Alo’s stores, called “sanctuaries,” have built-in yoga studios and organic cafes, while its 80K-square-foot Beverly Hills HQ is equipped with state-of-the-art amenities like cryo chambers and an oxygen bar. And it pads its aspirational appeal with invite-only offerings like an annual weeklong community festival and private gym sessions.

Punchline: Alo’s ability to combine cutting-edge style with an earthy ethos strikes a chord with fashion-forward wellness junkies. The brand is betting on a tech-led, experiential approach to achieve behemoth status — but its ability to maintain its “cool factor” will be crucial.

It’s still a far stretch from lulu’s $8.1B in annual revenue, but provided the plot plays out, in a few years, Alo’s name could be as recognizable as its celebrity supporters.

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