Life Time Launches Longevity Clinics

Life Time

Life Time is stretching its limits.

The latest: The fitness brand’s new medical concept, called MIORA, will offer comprehensive health testing and personalized wellness plans.

  • For $299, patients receive a detailed blood panel, health report, and consultation.
  • A $199 monthly membership includes access to services like peptides, hormone replacement therapy, IV drip, cryotherapy, sauna, red light therapy, and more.
  • Personalized treatment plans will span lifestyle and medical interventions, plus GLP-1s.

The pilot location opens November 27 in its downtown Minneapolis club after soft launching this month.

Why it matters: With Ozempic and Wegovy here to stay, the fitness industry is being forced to adapt. MIORA comes on the heels of Life Time’s plans to offer weight loss prescriptions for members, an effort to encourage GLP-1 users to pair the drugs with long-term lifestyle changes.

Capitalizing even further, Life Time’s clinical offshoot adds holistic medical treatments to the equation — providing care and diagnostics beyond the capacity of gym trainers.

Zooming out: Outmaneuvering traditional healthcare, prevention-focused wellness centers, clinics, and spas are ramping up.

Companies like Restore Hyper Wellness and Pause Studio put recovery first, while Modern Age, Fountain Life, and Serotonin Centers emphasize longevity and anti-aging services.

Punchline: Formerly distinct industries, fitness and wellness have become a package deal. As more people embrace holistic health, expect the overlap of medical, lifestyle, and aesthetic interventions to continue.

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