Lifeforce Plots the Future of Proactive Care

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Lifeforce is reimagining wellcare.

TL;DR: Founded by Peter Diamandis and Tony Robbins, Lifeforce is a proactive care platform leveraging regular diagnostics, clinical experts, and AI-powered insights to optimize well-being.

Problem. Americans aren’t well, and traditional healthcare isn’t helping.

  • 70% of adults are dissatisfied with the nation’s healthcare system.
  • Left unchecked, US healthcare spending will top $6.8T by 2030, or 19.6% of GDP.
  • Eight chronic conditions—including cancer, cardiovascular diseases, and diabetes—hit all-time highs in 2023.

Part of the problem, doctors are overburdened — with patient loads exceeding 2K, wait times over 20 days, and the average appointment lasting just 18.9 minutes.

For the vast majority of patients, it’s hard enough to get seen for acute issues, and prevention only works if risk factors are well understood.

So, while access to care remains a barrier, real-time health insights are also elusive, forcing individuals to cobble together patchwork solutions.

A mounting crisis, as premiums rise and outcomes worsen, consumers are growing disillusioned.

Solution. Providing proactive health management, Lifeforce unlocks tools and decisions historically gatekept by entrenched institutions.

How it works. Establishing a baseline, an at-home blood draw and detailed onboarding answer the foundational question: “How healthy am I?”

Then, accessing the platform’s digital clinic and physicians, members receive a personalized program including nutrition, exercise, lifestyle, and supplement recommendations — plus hormone therapy and prescription peptides.

An ongoing process that supports healthy aging, a dedicated care team fine-tunes the plan based on evolving inputs, like quarterly labs and new research.

Why it works. Rooted in science but engineered for action, Lifeforce removes friction from the healthcare process — delivering clinical expertise, cutting-edge diagnostics, and first-class coaching in one platform.

Powered by hands-on support from heavily vetted functional medicine experts, programs are developed based on bloodwork, not a one-size-fits-some algorithm.

Real results. 85% of Lifeforce members self-report an increased quality of life after six months, with both male and female members seeing testosterone—critical for longevity of all genders— increase by an average of 178%.

In addition to tracking 45+ biomarkers, Lifeforce plans to integrate wearable data and genetic testing. Learning from a unique dataset of health optimizers, the platform will harness AI to enhance its care teams.

Looking ahead: As costs rise and life expectancy declines, Lifeforce is leading the shift away from sick care. The vision? A future where all adults over 30 recognize proactive health management as a need, not a luxury — and enlist Lifeforce as a trusted partner.

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