Mighty Health Adds $7.6M to Help Adults 50+ Live Well

Mighty Health

Forget retirement homes; healthy aging is getting personal.

The latest: Mighty Health, a digital platform for those aged 50+, raised $7.6M in seed funding. Using a freemium model, its health and fitness app recommends low-impact exercise, nutrition plans, and personal health coaching.

And, so far, the results (according to a Mighty-sponsored study) seem promising, with 89% of its users feeling healthier overall and 78% reporting improved mobility. Clinically, users see an average weight loss of 11lbs while improving blood pressure and A1C levels.

Why it matters: The US population is rapidly aging. The number of Americans aged 65+ will more than double to 80M by 2040, while the number of adults 85+ is on track to quadruple between 2000 and 2040.

With the US healthcare system unprepared from an infrastructure and cost standpoint, private companies like Mighty Health could fill in the gap.

The golden years. A newfound focus on longevity and aging in place has given rise to startups tackling healthy aging.

  • Balanced, a digital fitness app for older adults, raised $6.5M last February.
  • Bold, a senior-focused exercise app with an emphasis on fall prevention, added $7M in 2021.
  • Both FitOn and Apple Fitness+ recently launched highly produced programming for seniors.

Looking ahead: The gap between US lifespan and healthspan—the number of years you remain healthy—is widening. While outcomes stagnate under traditional healthcare, new solutions in eldercare should mirror the up-and-coming alternatives in holistic, preventative, and personalized health.

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