Mindful Movement Takes Hold

In 2022, 78% of Americans say mental/emotional well-being is the top reason for exercising. That’s ranked above physical well-being (76%).

Mind + body. As our collective mental health continues to suffer, pain & gain is no longer the mantra. Increasingly, consumers who want to restore and recharge are bolstering the $29B mindful movement sector.

Taking notice, gyms are adding classes that… do less.

  • This year, Life Time hiked the availability of its Surrender class format by 50%; it’s an hour of gentle stretching to soft music in a dark room.
  • Crunch Fitness is rebooting its chakra-focused breathwork and stretching class and also began adding rest and recovery areas to its gyms.
  • 24 Hour Fitness increased its recovery classes by 33% since summer 2021 and partnered with iCRYO for rehab-in-gym installations.

A related development, Garmin reported the fastest-growing activities among users were Pilates (108.3%), breathwork (82.76%), and yoga (45.55%).

Leaning in, health and fitness brands are creating digital offerings with mental wellness in mind:

  • Nike debuted Mind Sets, a movement series for the mind.
  • Calm launched Daily Move, featuring yoga and stretching.
  • Peloton & Apple Fitness+ offer meditation, linking mind and body.

Be on the lookout: Another spin on mindfulness, “mental muscle” has become yet another facet of health to optimize. From cognitive resilience to emotional health, mental fitness is bulking up.

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