Natural Cycles Scores $55M, Eyes IPO

Natural Cycles

More than a pill, women want insights.

All-natural. Natural Cycles, the first FDA-cleared birth control app, landed $55M in a Series C led by Lauxera Capital Partners.

Using temperature, menstruation data, and sperm survival rates, the app’s algorithm predicts fertile days, warning users when pregnancy is possible.

Already profitable, new investors will support the company’s plans to go public in two or three years, adding resources for potential acquisitions along the way.

In-sync. For family planning and general wellness, cycle tracking is taking off.

  • Reproductive health app Clue added $7.6M last April.
  • Menstrual tracking platform Flo secured $50M in 2021.

Getting on board, Oura syncs with Natural Cycles and Clue for temperature-based fertility management, while WHOOP contextualizes cycle insights for fitness optimization.

Meanwhile, Movano and Australia’s Femtek debuted women-focused smart rings.

Code red. For those with hormonal issues like PCOS, amenorrhea, hypothyroidism, and endometriosis, period-tracking apps aren’t much help.

Tackling chronic imbalances, Aavia’s app aims to alleviate aches and pains with science-backed lifestyle recommendations, while Allara offers specialized virtual care.

Looking ahead: Apps give women a comprehensive look at their monthly cycle and symptoms, but much of the utility rests on having regular periods to begin with. As money pours into the category, more comprehensive solutions may be on the way.

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