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Introducing Nike’s ‘Peloton’ Cycling Shoe

Peloton isn’t just disrupting fitness. Now, it’s shaping activewear.

What’s happening: Nike recently unveiled the SuperRep Cycle, the company’s first-ever indoor cycling shoe.

  • Nike said the shoe is designed “specifically for indoor cycling… at a time when more workouts are performed inside.”
  • It drops in Europe May 1, followed by a Member release in North America May 26 and a global release June 1.

In other words: Nike is attempting to appeal to the growing number of Peloton riders pedaling through quarantine.

Why it matters: This move feels reminiscent of when retailers–from Reebok and Nike to NoBull and Rogue—spun up apparel aimed at CrossFit. And more recently, with its investment into and content partnership with Mirror, Lululemon has signaled an interest in connected fitness.

Looking ahead: Sportswear brands could double down on at-home fitness as a way to build new revenue streams and strengthen their relationship with consumers.

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