Oura Debuts Heart Monitoring Features


Cardiovascular health is key to longevity.

The news: Oura launched Cardiovascular Age (CVA) and Cardio Capacity tools, tracking holistic heart health and suggesting lifestyle changes when needed.

Measuring arterial stiffness, Cardiovascular Age alerts users if their heart is older than their chronological age. Calculating VO2 max, Cardio Capacity forecasts how well the heart, lungs, blood vessels, muscles, and nervous system are functioning.

Designed for everyday optimization, the new features contextualize cardiovascular health beyond sports performance.

Why it matters: Triggered by the obesity epidemic, the US saw a 906% spike in heart failure deaths among under-45s from 1999–2021.

Wide spanning, cardiovascular and heart problems are often hard to predict. But, digital health companies believe longitudinal monitoring can help.

  • With $138M raised, HelloHeart pairs a blood pressure monitor and app for prevention.
  • Equipment free, CardioSignal has raised $23M for its smartphone-based heart exam.
  • Approved for use in clinical trials, Apple Watch has built-in AFib detection.

Once made aware, consumers can support heart health with behavioral shifts, like daily walks, less ultra-processed foods, and weekly workouts.

Punchline: Following the heart, Oura continues its evolution from sleep tracker to personal health companion. As Samsung readies its rival ring, Oura keeps adding tools to its arsenal.

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