Oura, John Hancock Partner to Incentivize Healthy Habits


Oura and John Hancock are teaming up to promote personal well-being.

Linking up. Using Oura’s smart ring to incentivize sleep and mindfulness practices, life insurance provider John Hancock is strengthening its Vitality program.

A behavior change platform that rewards customers for healthy behaviors, Vitality members can earn cost savings on their policy as well as exclusive perks.

For its part, Oura gains exposure to John Hancock Vitality members, reaching more than 30M people globally.

Beyond simply collecting health data, Oura’s chief commercial officer Dorothy Kilroy spoke to the larger opportunity in shaping new habits:

“Life insurers are in a unique position because their relationship with their customers can span an entire lifetime — which means there is a significant opportunity for positive impact over time.” 

Sweat to save. A step further, as detailed in Issue No. 192, more companies are paying people to live healthier lifestyles.

  • After raising $15M last year, Ness debuted a wellness credit card that rewards healthy purchases.
  • Using gamification to boost well-being, UK-based life insurer YuLife is expanding to the US and South Africa.
  • Part of the broader move-to-earn movement, Sweatcoin envisions a full-fledged Sweat Economy based on physical activity.

Punchline: The latest development in the effort to align health incentives and outcomes, expect to see more partnerships like Oura x John Hancock – especially as tech companies like Amazon and Apple refine their healthcare strategies.

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