Oura Launches “Labs”, Pushes Innovation

Oura stays on the offensive.

Test run. Inviting users to beta test potential features, the company launched an in-app R&D platform, Oura Labs.

Its first Labs experiment, Symptom Radar, tracks temperature, respiratory, and HRV trends to predict oncoming health changes.

Lacking FDA approval, Oura can’t claim to predict illness, yet — but mass user testing via Labs will only speed its progress toward medical device status.

Pushing pace. Since 2021, Oura has opted for software upgrades over hardware releases. This year, it’s pursuing new features and partnerships at breakneck speed.

  • January: It launched stress management function Resilience and synced with weight loss platform Meta[bolic].
  • February: Oura added Automatic Activity Detection, reducing the need for manual entry.
  • March: It hit Amazon, upped its deal with Strava, and launched Pregnancy Insights.

Ring Rx. Chasing healthcare integration, Oura is also part of PhotonWear, a Finland-based project working to develop medical-grade optic sensors for noninvasive blood pressure, glucose, and lactate tracking.

Meanwhile, competitor Movano aims to release its medically cleared smart ring Evie Med this year. The women-focused wearable is targeting applications in clinical trials, remote patient monitoring, and corporate wellness.

Punchline: The clear ring leader, Oura is ramping up R&D as it looks to stay ahead. With a constant stream of collabs and launches, its rate of innovation is rivaled only by Apple.

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