Peloton Pushes into Apparel with New Private Label Brand

Image: Peloton

Giving its obsessive fanbase more to love (and spend on), Peloton is launching its own private-label apparel.

What it is: Known simply as Peloton Apparel, the inaugural collection debuts fall 2021.

Work in progress. The connected fitness company first began selling clothing in 2014. But, according to Peloton’s vice president of apparel Jill Foley, the offering was limited:

“When we started, we would buy blanks and just slap logos on them. Then we got more sophisticated and would work with other brands to design for us. But it was still their label.”

Over the years, Peloton teamed up with brands like Nike, lululemon, Spiritual Gangster, and Outdoor Voices on apparel collabs. More recently, the company began stepping up its apparel game:

The big picture: Launching private label apparel is the logical next step.

In fact, in an interview for the Goldman Sachs Technology and Internet Conference earlier this year, Peloton CEO John Foley hinted at as much, mentioning apparel sales “growing faster than the rest of the business” and adding:

“I think we’re going to surprise people in apparel… we’re building the best quality apparel in the world.”

Punchline: While Peloton no longer breaks out apparel revenue, Foley said the company sold 600K units of branded apparel in a single quarter last year. Now, bringing its clothing efforts in-house, Peloton hopes to scale another revenue stream while strengthening its position as a true lifestyle brand.

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