Press Release Policy

Fitt Insider’s press release network is curated to best serve our community and partners.

Approval. All content is subject to review and approval based on a number of factors, including—but not limited to—accuracy, newsworthiness, relevance, and credibility. We reserve the right to refuse or remove any post.

Topics. Examples of relevant releases include product launches, investments, partnerships, expansions, financial results/reports, research/survey findings, M&A, recalls, and personnel/hiring news.

Examples of prohibited content include false or misleading information, promotional/ad material, opinion pieces, advertisements, articles/blogs, poorly written releases, and inappropriate content.

Format. Titles should be under 14 words, include the company name, and be written in title case (the first letter of each word capitalized). Releases must be written in an objective tone, be free from spelling and grammatical errors, and be approximately 400–1,400 words.

By submitting a press release, you agree to this content policy and terms of use.

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