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24 Hour Fitness Expands Its National Footprint with Two New, Leading Edge Fitness Clubs to Serve Growing Member Community

24 Hour Fitness’ newest California locations in Roseville and Irvine represent the latest innovations in both traditional fitness and recovery

Carlsbad, CA / Aug 4, 2023 / 24 Hour Fitness

24 Hour Fitness, the industry leader committed to creating a healthier, happier world through holistic fitness, today announces two new California locations that represent the latest examples of their focus on a more well-rounded health and wellness experience for their members.

The Irvine club, situated in the Irvine Marketplace at 13692 Jamboree Road, opens to the public on August 5, 2023. The Roseville club, located at 1533 Blue Oaks Blvd, will officially open its doors on August 12, 2023, with a media preview on August 10, 2023. This would bring the number of 24 Hour Fitness gym locations to 280 nationwide, operating in 11 states.

While 24 Hour Fitness has a 40-year history of serving members across the US, these new clubs represent a vision of holistic fitness that’s as much about mental health as it is about physical conditioning. By combining more traditional offerings for strength, cardio, basketball, and aquatics with restorative offerings like yoga, sauna, cold plunge, and mobility training, 24 Hour Fitness is able to serve their members with whatever their wellness needs are on any given day.

“We’ve worked diligently over the last 40 years to grow and serve our members,” says 24 Hour Fitness CEO Karl Sanft. “As we move together into the future with a new definition of fitness, one that includes mental as well as physical elements, we want our clubs to reflect that growth. These two clubs represent the kinds of services we want all our members to enjoy as they set their fitness goals and build their best lives.”

In addition to free weights, exercise machines, cardio equipment, spin and studio classes, the Roseville and Irvine clubs will offer:

  • Infrared saunas, cold plunge pool, and yoga for restoration and recovery
  • MODUS mobility training for long-term physical conditioning for anything life throws at our members, including self-directed exercise areas
  • 1:1 personal training and coaching focused on a members’ lifelong fitness goals, whether that’s building strength, losing weight, or just feeling more energized and vibrant in daily life
  • Thousands of workouts in the 24GO® app designed to guide member experiences both inside and outside of the gym so our members can work towards their fitness goals any time they choose.

Beyond expanded services for members, 24 Hour Fitness’ new locations are intentionally designed to communicate a clearer sense of what it means to practice more holistic fitness, from simple wayfinding and exercise direction to the inclusion of local artwork that reflects each location.

Interested individuals can sign up at the nearest 24 Hour Fitness location or visit the website at for more information.

About 24 Hour Fitness

After 40 years of serving hundreds of thousands of members, we know the world is ready for a new definition of fitness, one that includes focus and recovery as much as it does performance and fuel. With nearly 300 clubs in 11 states nationwide, 24 Hour Fitness members are never far from a welcoming, inclusive environment where they can hone in on what they need to be their best selves.

With thousands of square feet of modern equipment, turf zones, free weights, and functional training areas for traditional conditioning, connecting with each other in our studio, HIIT, and cycle classes, or recovering with infrared saunas, cold plunges, yoga, and restorative therapies, there are countless ways to keep our members’ fitness journey charging forward.

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