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Edge Theory Labs Launches The Edge App

Introducing The Edge App – designed to help you unlock new levels of health, wellness and vitality.

Carlsbad, CA / Apr 16, 2024 / Edge Theory Labs

With a dedicated focus on cold water immersion (CWI), breathwork and heat therapy, the Edge App is an all-encompassing hub to learn, explore and maximize the benfits of these wellness modalities.

Designed in collabroation with world renowned neuroscientists and PhD’s, the app provides a comprehensive and engaging wellness experience, featuring:

  • Guided sessions and curated playlists for cold water immersion, breathwork and heat therapy
  • Educational video course taught by the world’s best
  • A community hub for fostering deeper connections + engaging in events
  • Seamless connectivity for Edge product users
  • Data tracking, accountability and gamification elements to ensure a personalized and rewarding journey towards optimal well-being

The app serves as a bridge for those curious but hesitant about approaching cold water immersion, breathwork and heat therapy in a safe, effective and inspiring manner. It also serves as an accelerator for the experienced practitioner who is looking to optimize their physiology and reach peak performance across all domains: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

About Edge Theory Labs

Greatness happens at the edge of your comfort zone, and cousins Rob and Joshua Church are on a mission to give you the tools that give you the edge. After discovering the healing powers of cold water therapy while training for an Ironman triathlon, they were inspired to build The Edge Tub – the world’s first fully portable, self-cooling, self-cleaning ice bath.

They have quickly become an industry leader and been the go-to ice bath trusted by athletes, pro sports teams, celebrities, and high performers across the NFL, NBA, NHL, MLS, MLB, UFC and Olympic Games. As the pioneer in creating portable, self-cooling, and self-cleaning cold tubs, Edge Theory Labs leads the market with the highest production volume and customer support. Since launching in April 2022, they’ve garnered hundreds of 5-star reviews, holding the longest and most esteemed track record of customer satisfaction among portable cold tub companies.

More than just a tub, Edge Theory Labs is committed to transformation and helping improve people’s wellbeing. They developed The Edge App–the first app of its kind–which provides in-depth guidance, education and community for the practices of cold water immersion, breathwork and heat therapy. With a science-backed approach, the app provides a practical way for users to learn, explore and maximize the benefits of these therapies, unlocking a new realm of health, wellness, and vitality.

Press Contact Kat Humphries
Edge Theory Labs
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