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EGYM Genius Makes the Entire Gym Smart

EGYM Genius
Denver, CO / Mar 21, 2024 / EGYM

Now the entire fitness club has become Smart! With EGYM Genius, the latest, AI-based software innovation from EGYM, the world market leader for holistic, intelligent training solutions, EGYM Genius creates fully automated personalized training plans that are precisely tailored to the respective club and all of its equipment, including free weights. Trainers and members benefit from the insights from seven billion EGYM data points and counting.

EGYM Genius is the new driver of the entire EGYM ecosystem, which seamlessly connects its components: EGYM Smart Strength (including the Fitness Hub and connected Smart cardio), training plans, workouts of all kinds (including classes and training outside the gym recorded with apps and wearables) as well as motivational and community tools such as Gameday and the Branded Member App.

EGYM Genius

EGYM Genius uses the data from training sessions carried out on EGYM and partner devices – including 340 million assessment data points – and generates precise recommendations for individualized training plans, optimally tailored to your personal experience level or training goal.

EGYM Genius also creates optimal training plans for selectorized equipment, cable pulls and free weights, thus bridging the gap between digital and analog. A huge added value for gyms compared to previously isolated solutions.

EGYM Genius for trainers: Become a hero with AI support

After onboarding the member at the Fitness Hub and having them perform strength tests on EGYM Smart Strength, the trainer immediately sees the training plan suggestion, created by EGYM Genius, in the trainer app. If necessary, the trainer can make any final adjustments and forward the training plan directly to the member’s app. The result, a professional training plan, more precise and with diverse exercise suggestions. All this with just one click that saves more than 15 minutes per plan.

EGYM Genius for members: The perfect workout

EGYM Genius creates the perfect workout plan for every day, inside and outside the gym, depending on the member’s individual training goals and performance. The highlight, each completed, tracked training session personalizes the next workout even better. The basis for this is the rapidly growing data availability through EGYM’s open ecosystem continuously increasing the quality of the self-learning AI software.

Thanks to EGYM Genius, operators and trainers have new opportunities to provide even better support to their members, from improving the quality of onboarding to increasing employee efficiency. Members benefit from a completely new workout experience as they can seamlessly switch between EGYM equipment and their other preferred exercises while still benefiting from the intelligent features EGYM offers them.

EGYM Genius will be available in the fall of 2024.

About EGYM

EGYM is a global leader in fitness technology and corporate wellness with the vision of transforming healthcare from repair to prevention. They equip facilities with smart gym equipment and digital solutions that offer an AI-driven workout experience for people of all skill levels. Corporates benefit from reduced healthcare costs and increased productivity, and clubs from a growing membership base that stays engaged.

Press Contact Emily Klipp
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