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Elo Launches Smart Gummies and Lands New Partnership with Tommy Caldwell

Leveraging 3D Printing Technology from Nourished, Elo Smart Gummies are here to replace your pills and make you healthier

San Francisco, CA / Jan 8, 2024 / Elo Health

Elo, the Smart Nutrition company, introduces 3D-printed Smart Gummies, the tastiest, most convenient way to achieve the efficacy of seven pills in one nutrient-rich gummy.

With 389 million possible combinations and 8 different flavors, Smart Gummies takes personalized supplements to new heights. The product innovation has attracted new partnerships, including Tommy Caldwell (legendary climber, NY Times Best Seller), Dean Karnazes (Ultramarathon Man, Time 100), Joe Thomas (NFL Hall of Fame), and others.

“The Elo products have brought a new level of data-driven improvement to my life as an athlete. It feels great to have a better handle on my nutrient deficiencies and to be addressing them.” – Tommy Caldwell, Rock Climbing Legend and Patagonia Ambassador.

In 2022, Elo conducted a pilot study showing that Elo’s 3D-printed Smart Gummies were equally effective in raising vitamin D serum levels as vitamin D soft gel pills after 12 weeks of supplementation. Elo’s research builds off a previous study that showed that vitamin D gummies were superior to pills in raising serum vitamin D levels.

  • 90% would recommend Smart Gummies over pills
  • 21% would never go back to taking pills
  • 79% took their Smart Gummies daily

Smart Gummies are a collaboration between Elo and UK-based company Nourished, which has developed a patented 3D printing technology to encapsulate nutrients into a single gummy. Each gummy is made on demand, resulting in higher nutrient bioavailability and efficacy.

“I am delighted to partner with Elo to introduce our cutting-edge, customizable 3D-printed gummies to their valued customers. We are confident that our patented technology and personalization capabilities, combined with Elo’s unique expertise in nutrition, will offer a superior solution to consumers wanting to optimise their health and fast-track their goals.”  – Melissa Snover, CEO and Founder of Rem3dy Health.

Smart Gummies adds to Elo’s growing portfolio of Smart Nutrition products. Earlier this year, Elo launched Smart Protein along with announcing a $10M A-Round led by Octopus Ventures.

“Over the last two years, we’ve helped thousands of people find and fill their nutrient gaps with our blood biomarker-based Smart Supplement pills. Our members love the Elo service, however, many of them, including the Elo team members, don’t like swallowing a handful of pills each day. Today, we are disrupting the market again with Elo Smart Gummies – a delicious, convenient alternative to supplements with superior adherence.” – Ari Tulla, CEO and Co-founder of Elo Health.

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About Elo Health

Elo is the Smart Nutrition company turning food from the cause of disease to medicine by leveraging data from wearables, biomarker testing, and health questionnaires. Elo’s mission capitalises on the growing consumer appetite for nutrition-focused health solutions backed by science. The company was founded in 2020 by three serial entrepreneurs:

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