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enduco Redefines the Digital Training Experience: Introducing enduco Squad

enduco introduces the enduco Coach Squad — a collection of distinctive digital coaches people can engage with via chat to seek individual feedback and support around their training and helping them to reach their goals even better.


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Saarbruecken, GER, SL / Jan 11, 2024 / enduco

enduco is committed to continuously improving the accessibility and effectiveness of individual training in endurance sports. The team behind enduco is convinced that effective personal training requires a combination of an individual training plan and efficient communication between the athlete and the coach. As one of the pioneers in cutting-edge AI endurance training, enduco has a proven track record of state-of-the-art training planning.

Expanding upon this foundation, enduco is now taking the next step and expanding its offering by incorporating the component of  individual communication. Users now have the opportunity to engage with their digital enduco trainer in unprecedented ways. They can select from a variety of unique coaches and seamlessly interact with their digital personal coach, mirroring the experience of communicating with a human personal coach. Whether addressing training inquiries, providing valuable tips, or giving feedback on plan adjustments, the overarching goal is to furnish people with a deeper understanding of their training journey and to offer enhanced support in achieving their personal fitness goals.

“For us, the latest update is a major milestone, bringing us a huge step closer to realizing our vision as your most trusted personal training partner. By allowing people to interact via chat with their personal enduco coach and ask them anything they want to know about training, we help to create an even better understanding of their training journey and the effects on their bodies, greatly enhancing the trust between athlete and coach and thereby getting us closer to our vision” – says André Siegl, CEO of enduco

Helping people to reach their goals even better

The enduco Coach Squad was designed to give people yet another tool to help them with their training and reaching their goals. The new feature is based on the Open-AI API and enriched with plenty of context and interactions of enduco, thereby making it extremely smart in the context of training and enriching the user experience:

Training Plan Adjustments: The Coach Squad is equipped to assist users in modifying their plans, ensuring they align optimally with current circumstances or preferences, ultimately maximizing results. For instance, simply entering “move my training to tomorrow” results in exactly this, and when necessary also gives feedback on what to consider when doing this.

Expert-level Knowledge: The enduco Coach Squad brings a wealth of expertise to users’ fingertips. Athletes can pose inquiries about various aspects of training, recovery, and general fitness, receiving expert-level answers tailored to their needs. Additionally, the Squad is well-versed in addressing questions related to the enduco app, offering comprehensive support.

Motivation Boost: Feeling demotivated is a common challenge in fitness journeys. The enduco Coach Squad is designed to provide personalized motivation tailored to each user. Through encouraging messages, the squad aims to uplift spirits, keeping users motivated and aligned with their fitness goals.

Variety of the coach squad: enduco takes pride in offering a diverse squad of unique digital trainers. Each trainer possesses distinct personalities, catering to users’ preferences in coaching styles. The initial squad features four fictional characters, each representing different personas, alongside enduco’s Brand Ambassador, André Greipel, an 11-time Tour de France stage winner. The squad includes André, characterized as strict yet mindful, Maverick, with an intense and driven personality, Aurora Starlight, described as empowering and inspirational, Serena “Serenity” Chen, exuding calm and mindfulness, and Marv, the sarcastic and funny guy. This diverse lineup ensures that users can choose a coach aligned with their personal style and training preferences.

Users can access the Coach Squad from within the app with the enduco pro subscription. Currently the feature is free to use within set limitations (number of messages) in the beginning and be embedded in a new business model later.

As enduco continues to push the boundaries of what is possible in endurance training, enduco Squad represents a significant milestone in the company’s journey. The future of AI endurance coaching is here, and it’s intelligent, interactive, and tailored to individual needs more than ever.

About enduco

enduco is a leading provider of cutting-edge AI endurance training technology, dedicated to helping athletes of all levels achieve their goals. With a commitment to scientific excellence and innovation, enduco continues to redefine the landscape of personalized endurance coaching.

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