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Etalon Achieves FDA Registration as Innovative Posture Support Device

Etalon® posture bra is now listed as an FDA-registered posture supporting apparel that can help women keep their backs aligned throughout the day, preventing back pain, while seamlessly fitting into modern woman’s lifestyle.

San Francisco, CA / Jul 8, 2024 / Wear Etalon Corporation

Wear Etalon Corporation (DBA: Etalon), a California-based brand of posture improvement  products,  received the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) green light or its newly released posture bra. The registration means that the product, earlier approved by UCSF orthopedic experts, meets the FDA standards to help with posture correction. Furthermore, the brand becomes eligible for Health Savings Account (HSA) or Flexible Spending Account (FSA) purchases, making it a more financially accessible option for posture alignment.

As many as 65 million Americans suffer from poor posture, while 40% of Americans complain of sciatica. That said, lower back pain, usually caused by slouching over a computer and sedentary lifestyle, is one of the most widespread US diseases, with 1 in 4 US adults suffering from it.

It becomes even more challenging for women with heavy busts, whether naturally large or due to changes from pregnancy, aging, and other factors. Having a large bust is shown to cause or worsen upper back pain, with each increase in breast size likely contributing to upper back pain by 13%.

The Etalon® posture bra, founded by Kristina Rudzinskaya, a STOTT-certified Pilates and Yoga instructor, engineered to help women with:

  • Posture alignment;
  • Dealing with spine conditions or back pains;
  • With its E-H size line, helping women with large bust, providing additional support and even weight distribution.


Etalon® is equipped with unique patent-pending technology that aims to gently guide the shoulder blades toward their optimal position, causing no stress to the body. Instead of pulling shoulders back – a more traditional method on the market, Etalon® acts softly, allowing more freedom and flexibility in motion and making it an ideal choice to wear during fitness activities, stretching and Yoga classes.

“As a certified Pilates instructor, I realize the crucial role posture plays for our healthy aging, physical wellbeing and mental health. However, posture improvement should not be a chore, that demands extensive gym time – it should be a natural part of our daily lives”, – says Kristina Rudzinskaya, CEO and Founder of Etalon. “When developing Etalon®, it was important for us to provide a balanced blend of style and functionality in a product that women could seamlessly integrate into their busy lifestyles.

Inclusive Sizing 

Etalon® aims to bring relief for women with heavy breasts via its improved corrective functionality and a new size line ranging from E to H. The bra also features compression style to support the cups during a busy day. The bra also includes a small pocket for adding an extra cup if you’d like some additional support and shaping.

Women-owned business

Etalon is a women-owned and mostly women-operated company that also operates with a women-owned factory in Vietnam that shares the values of sustainability, transparency, and women empowerment.

Sustainable production: The bra is made from rPET, a durable fabric made from recycled post-consumer plastic bottles, transformed into high-quality fabric.

Looking ahead, Etalon’s team plans to expand its bra line to cater to the needs of pregnant women and mothers in postpartum. Furthermore, the company plans to introduce a line, specifically designed for men.

Functional Design 

Additionally to posture-correcting functionality,  Etalon® Posture Bra was made to be wearable as a top or simply a bra – women can proudly wear it underneath their favorite garments rather than hide it away in shame.

Etalon® has been honored with the prestigious San Francisco Design Week Award 2023 in the FashTech category.

About Wear Etalon Corporation

Wear Etalon Corporation is a California-based company that creates innovative approach for posture issues. The first product of the company is the Posture Bra which gently trains your shoulder and spinal muscles to maintain good posture, without restricting movement during your daily activities.

To learn more, follow EtalonTM on Instagram and Facebook, or visit

Press Contact Kristina Rudzinskaya, Founder
Wear Etalon Corporation 
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