Press Release Releases 2023 Workout Music Report analyzes data from the more than 750 million annual song plays on its platform, to see which songs, artists, genres, and music labels people listened to the most while they exercised using digital fitness apps. 2023 Workout Music Report Cover Image
San Francisco, CA / Dec 5, 2023 /, the leading Unified Music System for digital fitness apps, released its annual workout music report today. The platform streams over 750 million tracks to millions of fitness app users around the world each year. Until now, there has been no way to track the popularity of songs and artists within digital fitness apps, one of the top app categories for music consumption. The 2023 report breaks down the most-streamed songs, artists, and genres people listened to while they worked out using digital fitness apps and connected devices.

Download the full report here

Some of the top findings include:

  • Pop was the most popular genre by far, earning 61 percent of streams; hip-hop followed at nearly 13 percent, and EDM ranked third at nearly 9 percent. In line with the recent boom in wellness and mindfulness offerings, ambient and downtempo music used for meditation and relaxation ranked fourth at nearly 8 percent.
  • “I’m Good (Blue)” by David Guetta & Bebe Rexha, “Calm Down” by Rema & Selena Gomez, and “Baby Boo” by Muni Long & Saweetie were the three most streamed songs.
  • Beyoncé, Taylor Swift, and Meghan Trainor were the three most streamed artists. Nine of the top 10 most played artists were women (Charlie Puth was the only man to crack the list).
  • Trends identified this year include more dance elements in pop music, an affinity for new tracks with nods to nostalgic songs, and throwback hip-hop stations. Collaborations are driving some of the biggest hits, Latin music continues to grow in market share, and Afrobeats have made their way into the mainstream.

The report also names the top songs in several different genres, including hip-hop, rock, Latin, electronic, and more, as well as the most listened-to back-catalog songs by decade. Download the full report here.

“While it’s well understood that music is the emotional fuel for exercise, there has long been a deficit in data and insights about the actual music that is played while people are working out. This report helps pull back the curtain to show the real results of what people around the globe have been listening to while they exercise with digital fitness apps,” said Jeff Yasuda, CEO and Co-Founder of Feed Media Group. “This data will help the digital fitness and music industries understand their audiences better and grow their businesses together.”

Download the full report here is the first platform in an emerging product category called Unified Music Systems (UMS), which offers a turnkey way for app publishers to efficiently integrate music from top and emerging artists and make data-backed music selections to increase user engagement and retention.’s platform gives companies of any size the ability to add pre-cleared popular music into their apps and connected devices, removing the need to deal with the legal complexities and associated costs of licensing commercial music directly, as well as a music content management system and analytics.

Learn more about how’s Unified Music System can help digital fitness apps reach higher engagement and retention here.

About is a Unified Music System that makes it easy, fast, and legal for businesses to stream major-label music and make data-backed decisions to increase customer engagement.’s comprehensive music offering includes music APIs and SDKs to stream pre-cleared commercial music—compiled by the industry’s best curators—complete with a music content management system, user analytics, payments to rightsholders, and legal indemnification for our customers. Learn more at

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Feed Media Group
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