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FIIT Introduces FIIT Platform – A Global All-in-One Hybrid Fitness Solution for Businesses Worldwide

London, ENG / Mar 21, 2024 / FIIT

Today, FIIT, the UK’s #1 rated fitness app, has announced it is evolving its offering with the launch of a first-of-its-kind, all-in-one, connected hybrid fitness solution. The FIIT Platform will provide members and partners with the tools and tech needed to make fitness a habit for everybody, everywhere.

With a host of strategic partners from a broad range of sectors already signed up to FIIT’s expanded ecosystem, the company is targeting gyms and fitness facilities worldwide, the residential build-to-rent (BTR) market, hospitality, corporate wellness and Fitness Professionals.

By seamlessly integrating the FIIT Platform within their current service offerings, partners will now be equipped to engage and inspire their clients, colleagues and customers with the next generation of connected workouts, each led by world class trainers – whether in the studio, on the gym-floor, within residential apartments, or on the go. Anytime. Anywhere.

A First-of-Its-Kind Connected Hybrid Fitness Solution

Founded in 2018, FIIT has attracted over £15 million in investment by world-leading investors including Connect Ventures, EXOR Seeds, JamJar Investors, Breega and The Gym Group, cementing its position as the UK’s number one rated consumer fitness app. Now, targeting the wider fitness industry with this launch, FIIT is no longer solely a consumer-centric fitness app. It is an all-in-one hybrid digital fitness solution capable of delivering the next generation connected fitness experience for partners and their communities, anytime, anywhere.

Designed to meet the demands of modern consumers seeking accessible workouts on their terms, FIIT now addresses the needs of office and residential partners, gyms, and fitness facilities. It offers a cost-effective solution to optimise the gym floor, providing a high-quality training experience, while also driving retention and engagement, ensuring a consistent fitness offering for all members, at all times.

In addition to the established FIIT App – where members get unlimited access to 2,000+ interactive workouts led by world-class trainers, challenges and training plans – the FIIT Platform features a newly developed FIIT Studio App. This plug-and-play solution powers FIIT Virtual workouts and Trainer Supervised sessions, activating and optimising the gym floor. Purpose built for fitness operators, the studio app is a cost-effective way to enhance the capabilities of gyms and fitness facilities, delivering engaging connected group workout experiences while also providing the tools to connect the community beyond the gym floor and across multiple sites.

Ian McCaig, Co-founder, says; “Our vision has always been to make fitness a habit for everybody; now with this evolution we’re better able to help our partners meet this objective too. COVID-19 accelerated a shift towards hybrid fitness routines, with FIIT, Peloton and Apple Fitness leading the way, yet many fitness facilities are yet to migrate to a digital-first strategy to incorporate new offerings. The new FIIT Platform bridges this gap, providing unparalleled access to top-tier fitness content and community-building gamification features – anytime, anywhere. With marquee clients across key sectors proving the demand for high-quality group exercise, we’re now primed to help make fitness accessible to all.”

Key features of the FIIT Platform ecosystem include:  

  • On-demand Anytime, Anywhere: Partners can enhance their fitness offering by giving members access to 2,000+ on-demand workouts and training plans on their terms. Via mobile, desktop and TV. At home, in the gym, in their hotel room, or on the go.

  • FIIT Classes on Partner schedules: With FIIT Virtual partners can design a class schedule to suit members needs, while tapping into the power of metrics, gamification and motivating game modes. Get access to all 2,000+ workouts across 7 modalities (strength, cardio, rebalance, row, bike, tread and airbike), and 19+ class formats.

  • Boutique Fitness as a hybrid solution: Appealing to both Gen-Z and Millenials, also known as ‘generation active’, alongside Gen-X,  the FIIT Platform allows members and partners to tap into unbeatable content. Whether it’s on the gym floor, at home, streaming via the hotel-room or living room TV, or on the go, FIIT provides unparalleled fitness experiences tailored to every lifestyle.

  • Connected hardware ecosystem: Partners can deliver a high-production value group exercise experience, allowing users to seamlessly connect with industry leading hardware including Keiser, Life Fitness, Concept2 and AssaultFitness equipment.

  • Gamification and progress tracking: The FIIT Platform enables integration with over 90% of the wearable market including Apple, WHOOP and Samsung, alongside market leading hardware to enhance their workout experience. With on-screen performance metrics and live leaderboards, users engage in motivating game modes with real time performance tracking, fostering a dynamic group class environment for increased engagement.

  • Challenges, Teams and Rewards: Unite clients, colleagues or customers behind a common purpose with bespoke challenges. Foster teamwork with Teams. Earn rewards, win prizes and spark conversation.

The FIIT Platform open ecosystem approach means it is building a network of tech service providers including Hutchinson Technologies, Solo Sixty, Antidote, Fitbox Virtual, Move Technologies, and Westfield Health. Additionally, hardware partners include Keiser UK, Concept2, Assault Fitness and Life Fitness to enhance the platform’s offerings. Through the FIIT app, users can connect to wearables and trackers, such as the FIIT Tracker, Apple watch, Whoop, Wahoo, Samsung, Fitbit and Myzone to train together and train with purpose.

Strategic Partnerships and Global Accessibility

FIIT has built on strategic partnerships with The Gym Group, Vitality, Sky, Accenture and Samsung, with new partnerships including Everyone Active, Cortland Living, Vertus, IHG and Deutsche Bank, demonstrating the global demand for a flexible, anytime fitness solution in the post-pandemic era.

The Fiit Platform is available globally, including international markets such as the U.S., Canada, UK, Europe and Australia. For more information, visit

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About FIIT

FIIT offers users unparalleled access to expert trainers and premium content, delivering connected group workouts anytime, anywhere. Bridging the digital-physical gap, FIIT combines interactivity, gamification and unrivalled hardware integration to deliver a premium workout experience no matter where, when or however members want to sweat, flex or flow. FIIT offers Virtual, Live, or On-demand immersive classes delivered by certified FIIT trainers. Established in 2017 and headquartered in the UK, FIIT is available in 175 markets, with members completing 20+ million workouts. FIIT is accessible across iOS, Android, Samsung 2018-2022 TVs, Amazon FireTV, Sky Q, and Comcast.  Embracing an open ecosystem strategy, the FIIT App seamlessly connects with 90% of the wearable market, and market-leading hardware including Concept2, Assault Fitness, Keiser and Life Fitness. For more information, visit


The FIIT Platform serves various industries, partnering with The Gym Group, Everyone Active, InterContinental® Hotels & Resorts, Locke, Cortland Living, Vertus, Life Fitness, Accenture, Hyrox, Vitality. These collaborations demonstrate FIIT’s capacity to provide a digital fitness solution anytime, anywhere.

Press Contact Alice Markey
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