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FITRADIO Announces New Music Licensing Service

Helping gyms and fitness studios with management and compliance

Atlanta, GA / Mar 13, 2024 / FITRADIO

FITRADIO, the leading fitness music company, announced today the expansion of their fitness music offerings to include music licensing services for gyms and fitness studios.

The process for businesses to obtain the necessary public performance licenses can be complex, tedious, and costly when faced with fines for noncompliance. Gyms and fitness studios are also beholden to higher fees than many other businesses because of the crucial role music plays in the fitness experience.

“At FITRADIO we know music fuels fitness and is a critical element to the customer experience, but we understand licensing is a complicated and not entirely transparent process,” said Russell Greene, FITRADIO Founder and CEO. “Given our longstanding history with the music industry, this expansion into public performance licensing support is a natural fit and one that will allow us to better serve our gym and fitness studio community.”

This expansion of services includes music licenses for the four largest and most common performance rights organizations:  Broadcast Music, Inc. (BMI), the Society of European Stage Authors and Composers (SESAC), the American Society of Composers, Authors, and Publishers (ASCAP), and Global Music Rights (GMR).

Current FITRADIO customers, and all qualifying gyms and fitness studios, can easily purchase and manage their licenses directly from FITRADIO’s licensing portal. In addition to navigating the complexities of music licensing, FITRADIO’s licensing portal also makes the search and discovery of the laws governing licenses easy to navigate.

“I have received literally hundreds of emails from gym owners asking us for help with public performance royalties and compliance,” said Greene. “I am proud that our team was able to develop a solution that alleviates our clients’ struggle, supports compliance, and allows us all to continue to create the optimal customer fitness experience.”

FITRADIO’s music licensing service is offered to qualifying gyms and fitness studios for a monthly fee in contrast to the annual upfront costs if they were to obtain it on their own. For more information about FITRADIO’s music license service visit


FITRADIO ( is the leading provider of workout music to gyms, fitness studios, and personal trainers. FITRADIO’s 10,000+ expertly-curated DJ mixes span an extensive range of more than 50 genres including Top 40, Hard Rock, and EDM. FITRADIO is a trusted partner for top brands and fitness professionals who want to deliver an unparalleled workout music experience.

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