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Good Feet Holdings, LLC Expands Portfolio of Wellness Brands with Acquisition of Stretch*d

Headquartered in New York City, Stretch*d Joins Good Feet Holdings’ Esteemed Brands, Including The Good Feet Store and ING Source (OS1st)

Carlsbad, CA / Nov 1, 2023 / The Good Feet Store

Good Feet Holdings, LLC, a global holdings group of premium wellness brands, including The Good Feet Store and ING Source, today proudly announces the completion of its acquisition of Stretch*d—the pioneer of one-on-one dynamic assisted stretching and cutting-edge recovery services. Backed by a united vision of improving the quality of people’s lives through total-body health and wellness, the acquisition comes on the heels of Good Feet Holding’s recent appointment of Doug Zarkin as the first-ever Chief Brand Officer, and the milestone opening of The Good Feet Store’s 250th brick-and-mortar location. This new business venture underscores Good Feet Holdings’ mission to provide state-of-the-art, personalized performance, comfort and pain relief solutions to consumers across the U.S. and overseas.

“We’re thrilled to be expanding our portfolio of wellness brands, products and services with the addition of Stretch*d,” said Richard Moore, President and CEO of Good Feet Holdings, LLC. “Stretch*d’s COO, Vanessa Chu, and Program Director, Jeff Brannigan, have forged an impressive brand, experience, and community, and I’m excited to grow the Stretch*d business in partnership with them. For over three decades, we have been committed to providing premier personalized comfort and wellness solutions and the acquisition of Stretch*d aligns seamlessly with our brand ethos, perfectly complementing our ecosystem of wellness brands and products.”

Stretch*d was co-founded by Vanessa Chu, a lifelong athlete, tenured wellness industry veteran and graduate of Columbia Business School and Wellesley College. With previous experience in investment banking and asset management, Chu is no stranger to long hours at a desk and understands the value of a good stretch. Alongside Jeff Brannigan, who has applied stretch therapy to Olympic athletes across all sports, the duo and their team use The Stretch*d Method to provide an effective and dynamic customized experience to help increase flexibility and range of motion. The company’s expert “Stretch*rs” offer guests a convenient and transformative way to improve their well-being so they can perform better, recover faster, reduce risk of injury, and improve longevity. Vanessa Chu will join Good Feet Holdings as President of Stretch*d, and Jeff Brannigan will join as Director of Training of Stretch*d.

“I’m so incredibly proud of what our team has been able to build over the last five years, and this exciting transition will only empower us to expand our reach and continue inspiring people to lead healthier, more active lives. This partnership with Good Feet will allow us to synergistically work together to accelerate our growth,” said Vanessa Chu, COO of Stretch*d. “I’ve been working in wellness for several years and this new venture with Good Feet Holdings is only the beginning of how we can continue inspiring and energizing our dedicated community—we look forward to the bright future ahead!”

As a health and wellness-focused brand, Stretch*d seamlessly fits into Good Feet Holdings’ expanding portfolio, complementing The Good Feet Store’s offering of premium, personally fitted arch supports designed for comfort and long-term pain relief. In tandem, these brands emphasize the need for not only proactive measures but also comprehensive care when it comes to overall health and well-being. For additional information about Stretch*d, please visit

About The Good Feet Store

Good Feet Holdings is a global leader in the world of personalized comfort and wellness, offering an unmatched ecosystem of complementary health and wellness brands and products centered around The Good Feet Store and Good Feet Arch Supports. With 250 retail locations across the U.S. and internationally, The Good Feet Store is the market-leading manufacturer and retailer of premium, personally fitted arch supports. Engineered for comfort and pain relief in more than 400 styles and sizes, Good Feet Arch Supports are personally fitted to the precise needs and preferences of its customers. Good Feet Holdings unites The Good Feet Store and esteemed complementary brands including ING Source (OS1st) and Stretch*d.

About Stretch*d
Stretch*d is a convenient, customized, feel-good way to improve your health via 25-, 55-, and 70-minute one-on-one dynamic, assisted stretch sessions and cutting-edge recovery services. Our expert Stretch*rs take you through a customized stretch experience using dynamic stretch methods to gently build your flexibility and range of motion and all the while, chill you out. A mecca for recovery, Stretch*d offers a range of additional services including: Face*ssage (signature face lifting face massages), CBD and Hypervolt massages (Get Relax*d and Get Buzz*d), NormaTec compression boots (Get Puls*d), LightStim LED Facials (Anti*Aging), Body Roll*r (lymphatic massage and body shaping) and more. Whether you sit front row at your spin class or at your desk clocking in overtime…getting stretch*d is for you. Stretch*d is for every age, every lifestyle, and every body. Founded by Amanda FreemanVanessa Chu and Jeff Brannigan in 2018, Stretch*d is located in New York City with locations in the Flatiron district (27 West 20th Street) and the Upper East Side (1357 Third Avenue).

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