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GoSaga Inks Master Territory Agreement with FitLab: The Largest Multi-Brand Development Partnership in U.S. Fitness Industry

GoSaga and FitLab Announce Strategic Development Agreement: 250 Fitness Studios Planned for Northeast U.S. and Mid-Atlantic to Meet Demand

Darien, CT / Sep 5, 2023 / GoSaga, Inc.

GoSaga, Inc., a preeminent force in shaping lifestyle brands in fitness, wellness, beauty, and experiential entertainment, has proudly announced its new partnership with FitLab, recently spotlighted by Fitt Insider. This Master Territory Agreement (MTA) stands as the most extensive multi-brand development agreement in U.S. fitness industry history.

The exclusive partnership between GoSaga and FitLab covers the Northeastern and Mid Atlantic regions of the U.S. Across twelve states, with unrivaled market potential, this collaboration embarks on an ambitious endeavor to launch a minimum of 250 fitness studios. These studios, which include eight emerging fitness concepts under the FitLab umbrella, will be strategically spread across the territory, marking an unprecedented expansion in the region.

A long-term bond between GoSaga and FitLab has been cemented by mutual respect and vision, with one of GoSaga’s founders having been an integral part of FitLab’s journey from its nascent days. Serving as a board member, advisor, and shareholder, this affiliation played a pivotal role in nurturing FitLab’s innovative multi-brand, omni-channel strategy and its distinctive build-and-buy approach.

“This partnership is not just a business move; it’s a testament to our shared commitment to revolutionize the fitness industry,” remarks Geoff Schneider, GoSaga Founder. “Our intertwined history with FitLab provides us a unique edge in executing this massive rollout. We are insiders. We know the game, and together, we are poised to elevate the fitness experience for countless individuals.”

Over the coming months, both GoSaga and FitLab will be revealing a comprehensive rollout plan, detailing the specifics of this grand venture. Fitness enthusiasts, brace yourselves, as the first of these state-of-the-art studios are slated to make their debut in the Northeast U.S. by Q1 2024.

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