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Hip Thrust, the New Hardware Innovation from EGYM

EGYM HipThrust
Denver, CO / Mar 21, 2024 / EGYM

EGYM, an international leader in fitness technology and corporate fitness, is expanding its innovative portfolio of smart strength machines with a new Hip Thrust device. The 19th strength machine in the popular Smart Strength ecosystem underlines EGYM’s commitment to revolutionize fitness technology and motivate exercisers of all levels to achieve higher performance and better results with smart training equipment.

Smarter glute training

Hip thrusts are currently one of the most popular strength exercises in the fitness industry. They strengthen the muscle groups of the lower body with a focus on the glutes and hamstrings. The EGYM Hip Thrust is the world’s first fully electronic hip thrust device and uses smart weights instead of physical weights or resistance bands. The combination with EGYM’s advanced training methods and programs ensures the perfect resistance in every phase of movement.

Faster and better results

With the Hip Thrust, EGYM integrates the most advanced fitness technology into one of the most popular fitness exercises, fundamentally changing how glutes are trained, including personalized exercise sets and resistance for smarter and more effective training than ever before.

Includes more features. Requires less space

Like all other EGYM Smart Strength devices, the Hip Thrust is fully integrated into the EGYM ecosystem. Like all Smart Strength equipment, it offers smart benefits for members, such as automatic device settings and workout tracking. Compared to alternative glute machines on the market, the EGYM Hip Thrust scores with a space-saving design and a user-friendly interface and can be used both independently and in an area concept.

Initial deliveries are scheduled to start in October 2024.

About EGYM

EGYM is a global leader in fitness technology and corporate wellness with the vision of transforming healthcare from repair to prevention. They equip facilities with smart gym equipment and digital solutions that offer an AI-driven workout experience for people of all skill levels. Corporates benefit from reduced healthcare costs and increased productivity, and clubs from a growing membership base that stays engaged.

Press Contact Emily Klipp
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